You have the power to change lives.

No gesture, no gift, no act of kindness is too small. 


KOGO is Keep One Give One. The inspiration for this was finding a way to inspire and empower everyone to give. Basically, it starts with two gifts. A person is asked to keep one and give one away and to do the same for another down the line. It doesn’t have to be money, it can be kind words, drawings, photos, etc You always get two: One to keep, one to give freely. If each person gave something, the gifting will never end. It would go like this:  one gift from a stranger + another gift from a stranger=KOGO situation. I keep one gift from a stranger. I give one gift from a stranger + my own additional gift=KOGO situation again. The person I give to now has two gifts, one to keep and one to give away.  The first part of what you give is provided to you. All you’re asked to do is give it away along with your own additional gift and keep the love flowing and growing.  Everyone can participate and when they do, there are no limits to how many people will be positively affected.  

Cards for Strangers We Know: 

Create positive, inspiring cards and gift them to people in your community.  You can leave them for people to find or hand them to a person /people of your choosing.  

Letters for Strangers We Know:

Take a notebook and add your story or kind note for someone. Once you’ve added your own story, give or leave the book for someone else. Make sure you include instructions on how the book works. There are several books floating around the country where individuals are sharing their own stories as well as a kind word, poem, or drawing for others.  A fun way to jazz this up is to attach a decorative pen or make your own paper with flower or herb seeds or glue seeds to the pages.  Just in case the book ends up in the dirt (Hey, it could happen). That way it goes back to the earth.  

Gifts for Strangers We Know:

Gift plants, art, homemade jewelry , books, clothing, food, water, time etc to people through random acts of kindness.  Remember, it’s not so much about expense or money spent, but about the thoughtfulness behind the gifting.  Share photos of your projects  #gifts4swk and #strangersweknow

Love for Strangers We Know:  

A much needed hug, a spoken word of encouragement, a genuine smile,  a song, and a listening ear are all acts of love.  Just be compassionate, loving, and understanding in your actions.  

Volunteer Directly with StrangersWeKnow

If you'd like to volunteer with StrangersWeKnow, send an email to We love connecting with other loveminded people!

Donate to the capes 4 kiddos, HomeFree, and BRIDGES Programs

Use the buttons below to donate to a StrangersWeKnow program. All proceeds go directly to the preparation and distribution of care packages and home starter kits.  Donated items can be dropped off at 4034 E. Grant Rd, Tucson, AZ 85712 Tuesday through Saturday between the hours of 10am and 2pm. 

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