A letter goes a long way...

Or so I hope! This Friday I will launch the first round of Letters for Strangers We Know. I'm very excited to see how far this goes as well as how many people will be positively affected. As always, the intent is love and the goal is connection. The is so much to be gained by simply connecting with those around you. It's taken me a while to not only learn this, but put it into practice. Not for lack of understanding though.

I happen to be a card carrying introvert so I had to learn the difference between genuine connection and forced interaction.  They are definitely not the same as one promotes positivity and growth and the other can invite feelings of trepidation. Learning to connect in a way that acknowledges my personality traits and also helps others has helped me to empathize more deeply and understand others more completely. 

I'm not sure what the total outcome will be, but I am looking forward to the love, peace, and connections that will be shared throughout it's journey. Look out for a book in your city. If it comes to you, know that each page contains a prayer of love and it is no coincidence it has found you. So share, connect, pass it on, and enjoy!