Here's What We're Working on This Year!

We are working to expand existing programs and release two new ones! 

Runneth Over Retreat Pilot Program. The goal is to offer those who would otherwise not have the opportunity the opportunity to experience the beauty and healing of Hawai’i while rediscovering the light within themselves.  This will be a guided retreat experience focused on providing space for healing to take place. It will last 7 days, include transportation to and from the airport, recreational activities, partial airfare and living accommodations for the week. This will see the expansion of the HomeFree and BRIDGES programs to the islands as well. Click here for more information.

Compostable HomeFree Kits. The goal is to create and distribute fully biodegradable, compostable toiletry kits to those who need them. Because StrangersWeKnow primarily deals with the chronically homeless, transient population, developing a fully compostable kit (meaning it will fully degrade and return to natural material within 90 days) would help to combat waste and littering issues sometimes associated with homelessness.  This expansion has the potential to grow outside the scope of the HomeFree program, to assist in many different scenarios. Including disaster relief, camping, and concerts. Click here for more information.

Sponsoring Families. The goal is to sponsor families in need throughout the entire year instead of only during the holidays. A secondary goal is to inspire those in need to pursue their own goals regardless of circumstances as well as remind them that everyone can give. This expansion will work in concert with the retreat program as a number of participants will be gifted the experience. Click here for more information.

Letters from Santa. The goal is to spread more joy during the holiday season by offering Letters from Santa throughout the U.S.. This has been really fun way to connect and spread kindness. Continuing along with expanding will inspire more of the same. Click here for more information.

See the flyer here for a short list of goals, plans, and necessities to achieve them.

The overall goal of the planned expansion is to continue fulfilling the mission of inspiring regular people to do what they can, with what they have, when they have it.

StrangersWeKnow will continue to:

Inspire love through connection and kindness.  

Empower others to serve freely while pursuing their dreams.

Create the space for self discovery, actualization, and healing.