Here are 3 Steps to get you started

Step 1: Get Connected

Start a KOGO, Letters for Strangers, or another project in your own community, volunteer with us, or donate. Get creative and get connected!

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Step 2: Spread the Word

There's no better way to make an impact than to get active and become a light to those around you.  Share what you're doing with friends and family and inspire them to take action. 

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Step 3: Stay Connected

Make new connections, nurture existing ones, and continue to invent ways to inspire and empower others to do the same.  There are no limits to the positive impact we can have on ourselves, our communities, and the world as long as we keep the love flowing and growing.

It's that easy. Remember, something as simple as the gift of a smile can change a life.

Be a life changer!

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