Strangers We Know

The idea behind Strangers We Know is that we are all connected and know each other on some level through our individual experiences. We've all cried, laughed, loved, and been hurt.  Gifts, Love, and Letters for Strangers We Know were created as ways to connect with others through acts of kindness.  It's about shifting the focus from things that separate us in order to connect with one another via love, compassion, acceptance, creativity, and sharing. 

 My Philosophy

Love is the answer, connection is the way. Find ways to connect that inspire love and live your truth. This is not only a gift to yourself, but a gift to the world. 

What I Do Personally

  • Inspire and empower individuals to live more abundantly through connecting and experiencing love.  
  • Gift often and strive to connect whenever possible.
  • Create and share ideas freely for others to use them, improve them, share them. 

The Beginning

Strangers We Know was started to connect with people  in a positive way through acts of kindness. From that came gifting.  Whether it was a kind word, a smile, or paying for a strangers meal. It started as a desire to connect and continued with a gift.

What's It All For

This whole thing is about love and service to each other and how thoughtful, yet random acts of kindness can and do change lives. It is for people to discover the joys of generosity and the power of connection with one another.

Just in case you are wondering, this was never intended to become a nonprofit in the federal/tax sense. Though we are now federally recognized, we are still a nonprofit in the sense that any and all time, effort, and money invested in this has been through volunteering and personal funds.  The only profits gained are spiritual and emotional ones from the love that has been shared, the connections that have been made, and gifts that have been given throughout communities. If you have any questions about how, what, or why, send me a message through the Contact page.